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This little story started with drawings of two cats with wings. The words didn't come until I'd drawn six pictures and realised there may be a story in them. I have a lot of imagination and just drew whatever was in my head! After the story was written I carried on with the drawings - see my Kosmic and Raven Gallery.

I'm currently working on the sequel - "Viper's Revenge" I plan to have many in the series!

I've had really positive feedback from those who have read it (children and adults) from my Kosmic and Raven Facebook page.

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Stephen Kuta
Beautiful book and incredible, extraordinary artwork. I bought this book for my 7 year old niece and she loved it. Actually everybody in the house loved it. The story of Kosmic and Raven and the incredible art that Mel creates is simply amazing. The images leave you smiling, they are vibrant, colourful and worth a hundred stars. Looking forward to seeing what Mel does next.

Lesley New
Fabulous artwork and a beautiful story for a young audience! Thrilled to bits with my copy of Mel's first published book! Congratulations to her -:I'd highly recommend it, especially with Christmas approaching!

Carly Savage
I bought this book for my 5 year old little boy. It arrived quicker than I expected and was signed by Melanie herself. I read this to my little boy last night and he absolutely loved it and said he wants more stories about Kosmic and Raven. He also loved talking about what was going on in each picture. He has speech and language delay so we encourage anything that he wants to talk about! He even went into school today and has been telling his teacher all about the story to the point where when I picked him up she asked me about what this story was as he was very vocal and excited about it all day and kept telling his friends about it too. This book is amazing and we will be ordering more from the series if and when they are written.

Kay Laurence
I absolutely love your art and to have a story too EKKK. Thrilled to follow Raven's adventures. Keep up the good work. I love the love you put into your images. Thank you for cheering up my newsfeed. xx

Irene Dyer
I think this is a great children's story, very bright lively pictures which beautifully illustrate the text, the characters really come alive and Kosmic and Raven are so adorable, would highly recommend this book.

Carmen Williams
Me and my kids love the Kosmic and Raven story! It's exciting and definitely makes you want to read more to find out what happens next. The pictures are gorgeous too.

Kayti Aitken
Mel has poured her heart and soul into these beautiful and colourful illustrations that complement the charming story so well. A must for adults and children alike.

Amby Jey
Really great story and I love the cute drawings, they are so beautiful.

Wasana Ekanayake
I bought this book which she has written "Kosmic and Raven" for my 8 year old son who is a total bookworm... must tell you that it's a lovely book, both the story and the illustrations. Both of us enjoyed reading the book... and my son's message to you Mel is "I loved the book so much... I read it over and over again and can't wait to have another book of yours to my collection". Keep up the good work darling Mel.

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Raven finds the crystal ball room unlocked

What's it about?

Kosmic and Raven are two little cats with wings who had never met until one eventful day when an escape attempt goes horribly wrong. One must rescue the other, but he needs to learn how to fly first! Will Spirit the unicorn help? Can Kosmic save his new friend in time? Will Viper the evil green dragon seek his revenge? Whatever happens, Kosmic and Raven will surely become kitty best friends forever!

What are you waiting for?! I know the suspense is killing you!!

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